Stair Railings and Balconies
The artisans at D’Hierro work tirelessly to create the most exquisite hand-forged iron stair railings and balconies for our customers. Our artisans have two decades of experience in designing, crafting and installing luxurious iron stair railings and balconies. A stair railing is the most impactful architectural element in your home or office. Only a custom hand-forged iron stair railing, with its open and flowing design, can deliver the feeling of elegance and grandeur that you are looking for. We work with homeowners, business owners, architects and builders to design custom stair railings and balconies that bring your ideas to life while meeting your project specifications and building codes. We work on new and existing construction, and our custom stair railings and balconies can be designed and fabricated to fit any staircase, balcony or loft.

Stair Railings
When you enter a home, the stair railing is often your first impression of the interior space. D’Hierro’s iron stair railings are functional artwork that produces a sense of movement as your eye follows the unique designs cascading from one level to the next. Whether you are looking for minimal modern or opulent elegance, the designers at D’Hierro can work with you to design a stair railing that will strike the perfect balance of impact and aesthetic that you are looking for. If you are unsure about the direction you would like to go, our experienced designers can help guide you and create a stair railing that will complement and enhance the style and character of your home. We manufacture curved, spiral and incline stairs, as well as iron panels, balusters, volutes and iron handrails. Our designs can also be combined with wood treads and wooden handrails.

Hand-forged iron balconies are one of the most beautiful features of any home or business, and they can carry important design motifs from the outdoors to the interior of your home or office. Exterior iron balconies also add curb appeal, character and a timeless elegance to your property, while being able to stand the test of time. Our design staff will work to create stunning one of a kind designs that incorporate even the most subtle of design and architectural elements from your property, which will add both value and character to your residence or business.

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